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Dr. Marta-Katarzyna Chalupa

Tax advisor and chartered accountant

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Tax advice

Dr. Marta-Katarzyna Chalupa Tax advisor and chartered accountant


Tax advice:

  • For private individuals, sole proprietorships, self-employed and freelancers (physicians and health professionals, group practices, etc.), partnerships, corporations and associations.
  • Representation before tax authorities and financial crimes prosecuting authorities.
  • Advice on financial criminal law and voluntary disclosure.
  • Preparation of administrative appeals against tax notices, participation in appeals to the Austrian Administrative Court.
  • Support, advice and representation in sales tax special audits.
  • Sales tax reviews and tax audits.

International tax law:

  • Establishment of corporations and partnerships in Austria.
  • Domestic registrations.
  • Avoidance or elimination of international double taxation.
  • Advice to subsidiaries and business premises of foreign investors on all domestic tax issues.
  • Sales tax assessment of international service relationships.

International tax law

Dr. Marta-Katarzyna Chalupa Tax advisor and chartered accountant

Restructuring and bankruptcy advice:

  • Advice on all tax and business issues relating to insolvency law.
  • Preparation of restructuring applications and restructuring plans.
  • Support during restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings.

Business audit:

  • ICS audit

Real estate and construction industry:

  • Advice on the acquisition and sale of real estate
  • Commercial real estate trade
  • Advice on renting and leasing
  • Sales tax advice in connection with real estate
  • Tax support for property development projects
  • Advice to construction companies
  • Optimization of sales tax
  • Wage accounting for the construction industry (BUAK reports)
  • Cross-border posting (ZKO3 reports)